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Create a workflow

The creation wizard

To start creating a new workflow, select the plus button in the upper toolbar of the dashboard, then choose Workflow project.

In the New workflow dialog enter the mandatory workflow name and, optionally, a description, then select Create workflow. A wizard starts.

  1. In Workflow pattern you can choose between:

    • A workflow preset (Sequential or Parallel)
    • A custom workflow

  2. If you have selected a workflow preset:

    • Select Next.

    • In the Select Processor you can select an optional pre-processor to put in the workflow before the model.

    • Select Next.

    • If you have selected Sequential:

      • Select the model to include in the sequence or upload one.


        You can upload and include more models later in the workflow editor.

    • If you have selected the Parallel:

      • Select the models (up to three) to use or upload them. To include or upload the third model, select Add a third model to the fork.


    Available models have been previously published in the Platform authoring part or previously uploaded or pre-installed.

  3. Select Next.

  4. Select the optional post-processor in the Operator window.

  5. Select Next and the workflow editor opens, showing the pre-built workflow.


  1. If you have selected Custom workflow, select Create workflow to end the wizard and start drawing the new workflow from scratch in the workflow editor.

Import a workflow

To import a workflow:

  1. Select the plus button in the upper toolbar of the dashboard, then Import Workflow.
  2. Select the workflow file to import (maximum size allowed is 4 GB).
  3. Select Upload to confirm.