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The TODO tool window lists the reminders—dubbed TODO items—written in the source code.

The window also gives access to the functions that allow customizing the patterns by which Studio identifies TODO items.


TODO items are grouped by file. For each item, the line number, the initial character number and the text are shown.

The window contains the following panels:

Name Description
Project All the project TODO items organized according to the project hierarchy.
Current File The TODO items set in the currently opened file.
Scope Based The TODO items set in the files that belong to a chosen scope.

The toolbar of the Scope Based panel has a drop-down menu to choose the scope from an ellipsis button giving access to the scope management window. More about scopes in the IntelliJ IDEA documentation.



The toolbar is arranged vertically to the left of the window.

Icon Name Description
Previous TODO Select the previous reminder in the list
Next TODO Select the next reminder in the list
Filter TODO Items Open a menu from which you can choose to show all reminders, apply a custom filter or—with the Edit Filters command—open the TODO administration window where you can manage the patterns by which Studio identifies TODO items and define custom filters.
Navigate with Single Click Toggle switch. When selected, a single click on a TODO item is sufficient to jump to the source code line where the reminder is defined, otherwise the same action is triggered by a double-click.
Expand All Expand all nodes.
Collapse All Colapse all nodes for a compact view.
Group By Select how to group TODO items in the list. Not available for the Current File tab.
Preview Source Display or hide the source code preview panel.


If Preview Source is selected, the TODO comment is displayed in a side panel where the Soft-Wrap Preview Editor button can be used to apply a soft wrap to the comment.

Context menu

Command Description
Jump to Source Jump to the comment corresponding to the TODO item
Expand All Expand the tree structure
Collapse All Collapse the tree structure
Local History Show the local history sub-menu

Mouse commands

A double-click—or a single click if Navigate with Single Click is selected on the toolbar—on the TODO item allows jumping to the corresponding comment inside the source code. The same happens by clicking the file name if the file contains one TODO item only.

Popup menu (keyboard shortcut: Alt+Ins) allows creating a new project file whose type is consistent with the context.

TODO dialog

The TODO dialog appears when you select Edit Filters from the Filter TODO Items button menu.

There are two panels for managing your TODO items:

  • Patterns
  • Filters

The Patterns panel has the following columns

Name Description
Icon Icon type for your item
Case Sensitive Checkable box to make your item case sensitive when writing it in the code
Pattern Pattern to define your item

The Filters panel has these columns:

Name | Description Name | Name of your item type Patterns | Item type patterns associated to a name

Both panels have a common toolbar:

Icon Name Description
Add Add a new pattern/filter
Edit Edit a pattern/filter
Remove Remove a pattern/filter