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Sentence Hits

The Sentence Hits tool window shows the results of categorization, extraction, segmentation and tagging for the current sentence of the test document specified in the context bar.
If the user selects another sentence, in the same document or in another, the contents of the window change accordingly.

The results are shown in tabular form with a main row for each type of result—categories, extractions, segments and tags—and detail rows below them. The toggle switch at the beginning of each main row allows displaying or hiding the detail rows.

The number after the type of result is the number of hits in the sentence.

In case of categories, the number between square brackets after the category name is the amount of points that rules triggered by the sentence contributed to the category score.

The status bar at the bottom shows the sentence number.

Mouse commands

Command Description
Click a detail row Highlight the corresponding hits in the test document text inside the editor
Double-click a detail row Set the focus in the tool windows that show the whole-document results for the operation that produced the result (e.g. category → operation: categorization → tool window: Categorization)


Icon Name Description
Expand All Expand all the rows, showing the details
Collapse All Collapse all the rows, hiding the details
Search box Search criteria
Reset Reset the search criteria
01_E1.jpg Find Next Select the next result matched by the search criteria

Context menu

A context menu is available on the file name:

Name Description
Copy File name Copy the file name
Copy File full path Copy the file full path

Another context menu is available by right-clicking CATEGORIES and EXTRACTIONS:

Name Description
Copy all "Categories" Copy all categories
Copy all "Extractions" Copy all extraction fields
Copy all "Categories" with values Copy all categories with their score
Copy all "Extractions" with values Copy all extractions with their values

Another context menu is available when selecting a categorization domain or an extraction:

Name Description
Copy Result Copy category name / extraction field
Copy Value Copy categorization score / extraction value