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Build project modules

After you have made changes to source files or project configuration, use the build action to create a new version of the "brains" of the text intelligence engine.

The build action checks the syntax of the code, stopping in case of errors.
In the Console tool window, you will find all the messages generated during build, while in the Notifications tool window you will find the dedicated notifications.

To build the current project module:

  • Select Build on the main toolbar


  • Select Studio > Build on the main menu


  • In the Project tool window right-click the module and select Build


  • Press F6

In the case of multi-module projects, you can build all the modules at once.
To build all the modules:

  • Select Studio > Build All on the main menu.


  • In the Project tool window right-click the project and select Build All.


  • In the Project tool window right-click any module and select Build All.


  • On the main menu, select Build Project or press Ctrl-F9.


In this last case, the Build tool window will appear.


By default, Studio builds all the modules when you open the project. You can change this by modifying the Build at Startup setting. Also, the analysis action automatically performs a build if needed.