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The Output panel of the Console tool window shows log messages generated during build and analysis.


The panel contains a toolbar and a message area.

The toolbar provides toggle switches and options to customize the view and to get specific information.

Icon Name Description
Clear Remove all the messages from the list
2_02.jpg Show Oldest Entry Display messages starting from the oldest
2_03.jpg Show Newest Entry Display messages starting from the newest
2_04.jpg Show Infos Display or hide information messages
2_05.jpg Show Warnings Display or hide warning messages
2_06.jpg Show Errors Display or hide error messages
Message Type Drop-down menu to filter the message list. You can select:
- All: all messages are shown.
- Task: task-related messages are shown.
- Script: script-related messages are shown.
2_07.jpg Plugin version Display the Studio plugin version and other version information in the message area

Script messages are preceded by a hash (#). For example:

# {"name":"John","age":30,"job":"developer"}


Some output messages are actionable.
For example, double-clicking this message:

    2020/08/04 14:42:46 Fashion_industry: Build completed successfully in 0s 117ms - double-click to view build statistics

performs the action described in the message.