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Enter the input to test

The type of input you can enter depends of the left-facing blocks in the workflow, so the input type selectors of the left panel can be disabled when a particular type of input doesn't apply to the block.

Enter or load plain text

  • Select Text editor on the left to display the text editor, then you can:

    • Enter a text in the Text Editor panel on the right (maximum 50000 characters).
    • Select Upload on the editor toolbar to upload a text file (maximum 50000 characters).
    • Select Clear text to clear the editor.

Write or load the JSON

  • Select JSON input on the left panel to display the Json Input containing a JSON editor, then you can:

    • Choose a JSON template compatible with the the left-facing hexagon from the Select JSON input template drop down list on the Json Input panel toolbar.

      In the reference section you can find more information on the input format of models and processors.

    • To toggle top level keys in the JSON, use the checkboxes inside the Filter JSON input keys drop down list on the Json Input panel toolbar.

      This may be necessary in the case of models because some top level keys are mutually exclusive, like documentLayout and text.

    • Tp upload a JSON file, select Upload .

    • Complete or change the JSON manually at will.
    • Select Clear text to delete the JSON form the editor.

Upload a file

This possibility is available when the left facing block in a file-to-text converter, like the Tika Converter processor.

  1. Select Upload file on the left panel.
  2. Select Browse files in the Upload file panel on the right to select and open the file.

Once a file is loaded, you can replace it by selecting Replace file on the right panel.