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Users accounts management

To access the user accounts management select the User accounts tab in the Administration page.


If you are using the full configuration of Platform, the Administration page is available only in the authoring application.

User roles

Platform users can have the following roles and corresponding permissions:

Role →
Advanced Admin Owner
Workflows management YES YES YES
User account management NO YES YES

Add a new user

To add a new user:

  1. Select New user account .
  2. In the Create User Account panel:

    1. Enter a mandatory name in Name.
    2. Enter a mandatory surname in Surname.
    3. Enter the mandatory user's email address in Email address. The e-mail address is used as the username to log into the application.
    4. Select the mandatory user's role in Role.
    5. Optionally set the access expiration by switching on the Access expiration toggle button.
    6. Optionally enter a description in Description.
  3. Select Create.

The new user receives an email notification containing the temporary password. The user will be prompted to change the password during the first login.

Search for a user

Enter the search criteria in the search bar, then press Enter.

To reset the search criteria, select .

Edit and delete a user

Select a user in the left panel, then:

  • To deactivate and re-activate the account, use Active user the toggle switch, then select Save.
  • To change the user's role, select the new role from the Role drop-down menu and select Save.
  • To turn the account expiration on and off, use the Access expiration toggle switch, then select Save.
  • To reset the password, select Reset password. The user will have to enter a new password during the next login.
  • To delete the user's account, select Delete. In the confirmation dialog, enter the user's email address.


    When you delete a user's account, all the corpora and projects created by the user will be removed, including those shared with other users.