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Introduction to the LAY object

The information extracted by Extract can be used as an input of the linguistic pipelines developed and deployed with the NLU technology stack.


To know more about the smart document understanding analysis with Extract, read the Studio user manual.

It is possible to use this output to leverage the information extracted using the scripting language.

TheLAY pre-defined object exposes methods which give access to the results of the smart document understanding analysis.

Document understanding detects the document structure, for example it identifies the tables, the cells, the fonts and other items that compose a PDF document layout.

The result of a document understanding analysis, performed with Extract, is a JSON which contains the keys and properties that represent the detected document structure items.

In this page is displayed a JSON output example. It is used as a reference to understand how methods exploit it and what they return after processing.

The LAY object can be used in the following functions, which are executed after disambiguation:

The functionalities of the LAY object are exposed through its methods, which can be grouped depending the layout items: