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Introduction to the DIS object

The DIS pre-defined objects and its methods

The DIS pre-defined object gives access to the disambiguation results and also allows you to tag or untag text subdivisions.

The DIS object can be used in the following functions, which are executed after disambiguation:

The functionalities of the DIS object are exposed through its methods, which can be grouped into these groups:

Text subdivisions: tokens and atoms

The methods of the DIS object are based on the creation of text subdivisions—with different granularity—operated by disambiguation.
At the token level, subdivisions also include sub-tokens called "atoms." The disambiguation lists these atoms immediately following the token they are associated with. It's crucial to recognize and account for this feature when iterating through tokens.

For example, given this input text:

Michael Jordan was one of the best basketball players of all time.

disambiguation identifies these 15 units as either tokens or atoms:

Index Text Sub-token (atom)?
0 Michael Jordan No
1 Michael Yes
2 Jordan Yes
3 was No
4 one No
5 of No
6 the No
7 best No
8 basketball players No
9 basketball Yes
10 players Yes
11 of No
12 all No
13 time No
14 . No