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The TRANSFORM function transfers scores from one or more source domains to a destination one, plus the information about the rules generating the scores and where they triggered in the text.
Since the only domains with a score are those listed in the hidden results table, only domains with a matching entry in that table are considered. This function directly changes the scores inside the hidden results table.

For example, this statement:

TRANSFORM(["1.01"], ["1.07", "1.15"]);

transfers the score of domains 1.07 and 1.15 to domain 1.01.

Assuming that before the execution of the instruction the scores were:

Domain Score
1.01 60
1.07 10
1.15 10

after the execution of the statement the scores would be:

Domain Score
1.01 80
1.07 0
1.15 0


Source domains lose their score, it will be zero at the end of the execution.

The syntax is:

TRANSFORM(domain1, domain2)


TRANSFORM(domain, [domains])


TRANSFORM(domain, set)


  • domain, domain1 and domain2 are domain names or IDs.
  • domains is a comma-separated list of domain names or IDs.
  • set is a set variable.

domain2, domains and set are (or contain) "source" domains, domain1 and domain are "destination" domains.