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The INSERT function adds domains to a specified set and also returns a new set that is a copy of the resulting set.

For example, in this snippet:

INSERT(setOne, "1.01");

setTwoPlus = INSERT(setTwo, ["20000226", "15000000"]);

the first statement adds the 1.01 domain to setOne. The second statement adds domains 20000226 and 15000000 to setTwo, then it defines and populates setTwoPlus with the contents of setTwo.

The syntax is:

INSERT(set, domain)


INSERT(set, [domains])


  • set is a set variable.
  • domain is a domain ID.
  • domains is a comma-separated list of domain IDs. Each domain ID must be enclosed in quotation marks.
  • score (optional) is the score the domain (or domains) gets when it is added to a set. It can be an integer or a decimal value. If not specified, it is 0 by default.