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Sub-attributes - English

The sub-attributes of word classes and entity types the disambiguator can identify for the English language are:

Word class or entity type Sub-attributes
NOU Gender, number
NPR Gender, number
NPH Gender, number
ENT Gender, number
ADJ Adjective type
VER Tense, continuous, person, form
PRO Pronoun type, pronoun sub-type
CON Conjunction type
ADV Adverb type

Values codes for each grammatical sub-attribute are listed in the following tables.


Code Description
M Male
F Female
N Neuter


Code Description
S Singular
P Plural

Adjective type

Code Description
p Possessive
i Demonstrative
a Other
q Descriptive
c Cardinal


Code Description
simple_present Simple present
simple_past Simple past
ing_form -ing form
ed_form -ed form
present_perfect Present perfect
past_perfect Past perfect
future Future
conditional Conditional


Code Description
1 First person singular
3 Third person singular


Code Description
negative Negative
passive Passive


Code Description
continuous Continuous
not_continuous Not continuous

Conjunction type

Code Description
n Conditional
c Coordinate clause
s Subordinate clause

Adverb type

Code Description
M Manner
L Place
T Time
F Frequency
Q Quantity

Pronoun type

Code Description
r Relative

Pronoun sub-type

Code Description
s Subject
o Object