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Emotional Traits Knowledge Model


The Emotional Traits Knowledge Model (display name: Emotional Traits EN v#) classifies documents in terms of the feelings—joy, surprise, irritation, etc.—expressed in the text. They can recognize 39 different emotional traits divided into eight groups.

Mostly aimed at documents written in 1st person (tweets, messages, interviews, reviews), but not only, the model can distinguish between relatively subtle differences in emotions.

The model returns leaf categories, that is 2nd level categories like Excitement and Disillusion, but if the Output rules extra data functional option of the workflow block if turned on, it also returns the main groups of emotional traits. Main groups are the category tree groups corresponding to the most relevant emotional traits expressed in the text. They provide an easy-to-read indication of the clusters of emotional traits the text is more about, similarly to an abstract.

Category tree

Categories are divided in eight groups containing emotions with similar characteristics:

id      label       

0100    Group Rage          
0101        Anger               
0102        Irritation          
0103        Exasperation        
0200    Group Apprehension  
0202        Anxiety             
0203        Fear                
0204        Stress              
0205        Worry               
0300    Group Distress       
0301        Disgust             
0302        Repulsion
0311        Guilt               
0312        Shame               
0313        Embarrassment       
0322        Regret              
0331        Boredom             
0400    Group Resentment     
0402        Hatred              
0403        Offence             
0411        Jealousy            
0412        Envy                
0500    Group Dejection      
0501        Sadness             
0502        Torment
0503        Suffering           
0511        Disappointment      
0512        Disillusion
0513        Resignation         
0600    Group Surprise       
0601        Surprise            
0700    Group Delight        
0701        Happiness           
0702        Excitement          
0703        Joy
0704        Amusement           
0705        Well-Being          
0711        Satisfaction        
0721        Relief              
0800    Group Fondness       
0801        Like                
0802        Trust               
0803        Affection           
0804        Love                
0805        Passion             
0812        Empathy             
0813        Compassion          

Output structure

The model output has the same structure as any other model and is affected by the functional options of the workflow block.
The peculiar parts of the output are the result of categorization, i.e. the categorization array, and the extraData object: to have extraData it's necessary to turn on the Output rules extra data functional option of the workflow block.

The extraData object contans the main gropus of emotional traits found in the text, for example:

"extraData": {
    "groups": [
            "id": "0500",
            "label": "Group Dejection",
            "position": 1

Each item of the group array corresponds to a group of emotional traits and has these properties:

Property Description
id Identification number or category group name in the category tree
label Group category description
position Ranking of the group

The group with the highest rank has position set to 1. Other groups, when present, have consecutive values.


Considering the following text:

We're very busy #coding a whole network manager for #unity3d based on #steamworks networking. #gamedev #indiedev #3amDeadTime #horror #game #amusement

The categorization output is:

"categories": [
        "frequency": 23.06,
        "hierarchy": [
            "Group Apprehension",
        "id": "0203",
        "label": "Fear",
        "namespace": "emotional_traits_en",
        "positions": [
                "end": 133,
                "start": 127
        "score": 3,
        "winner": true
        "frequency": 76.91,
        "hierarchy": [
            "Group Delight",
        "id": "0704",
        "label": "Amusement",
        "namespace": "emotional_traits_en",
        "positions": [
                "end": 150,
                "start": 141
        "score": 10,
        "winner": true