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getChildAttrib(xmlID, childAttribName)

The getChildAttrib(xmlID, childAttribName) method gets the string value of the first child attribute regarding the current main position element.

It returns an empty string if:

  • There aren't attributes that match the specified attribute name.


  • There isn't a child position.


  • The child position element has no attribute.

For example, considering the following XML document and the related current positions:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
    <DOMAIN NAME="1" LABEL="one">                           <-- Parent position
        <DOMAIN NAME="1.1" LABEL="">                 <-- Main position
            <DOMAIN NAME="1.1.1" LABEL=""/>      <-- Child position
            <DOMAIN NAME="1.1.2" LABEL=""/>
    <DOMAIN NAME="2" LABEL="two"/>
    <DOMAIN NAME="3" LABEL="three"/>

The instruction:

var attLabel = XML.getChildAttrib(xmlID, "LABEL"); 

returns in the attLabel variable.

The syntax is:

XML.getChildAttrib(xmlID, childAttribName)


  • xmlID is the ID of the XML document.
  • childAttribName is the child attribute name element from which to get the string value.