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Condition overview

The condition of an extraction or categorization rule is the declaration of the features the disambiguation output must have in order for the rule to be activated: when the condition is met, the rule is triggered.

A condition can be as simple as a single operand composed of an attribute with one value or it can be a complex combination of sub-conditions and operands composed of combined attributes.

For example, this is a one operand, one attribute, single value condition:


Below there is a Boolean combination of a combined attributes operand, a single attribute operand and a sub-condition which, in turn, is a Boolean combination of a positional sequence and a multi-valued single-attribute operand:

ANCESTOR(12828) /*12828: plane, aeroplane, airplane*/ -SYNCON(UNKNOWN)
    LEMMA ("fiction") > LEMMA("story")
    ANCESTOR(30419, 30451)//  30419: film, movie // 30451: television show, television program