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Request format

The document analysis, classification and extraction capabilities of the Studio LDA API are provided by a POST endpoint.

The request you post must be a JSON object with the following format:

    "document": {
        "text": "Your text here."
    "options" : {
        "analysis" : [ ... ],
        "features" : [ ... ]

Document text must be encoded with UTF-8.
The Content-Type header of the request must be set to:

application/json; charset=utf-8

options defines the request type. There can be multiple options values in a single request. Here are the possible analysis types that can be performed in a single request.

analysis description
disambiguation Deep linguistic analysis, combining a number of linguistic and semantic analyses
relevants Keyphrase extraction extracts the most relevant elements of a text
entities Named entity recognition: persons, places, organizations, dates, addresses, etc.
sentiment Sentiment analysis, how positive or negative the tone of the text is
relations Relation extraction labels concepts in text with their semantic role

The following features that can be requested in the output.

features description
knowledge Information from the Knowledge Graph will be returned in the output
dependency Information about the document Dependency graph will be returned in the output
syncpos The returned positions are in sync to the original document.

Note: to be able to safely use the output positions on the input text, the syncpos feature must be explicitly added to the request, otherwise the exact positioning is not guaranteed.