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Manage configurations



Modify your project taxonomy from the editor

Open the Classes tool window and select the Taxonomy tab.

Right-click a domain and choose Edit node to modify domain ID and/or label.

Right-click a domain and choose Add child to create a new child domain. Select Generate to automatically generate a name.

You can also check the new taxonomy structure by opening the taxonomy.xml file.


Create extraction objects

In the Project tool window, double-click the file in the rules folder.

Have a look at the template model at the bottom: you can use this template for each extraction class you wish to create.

Choose a proper name for every template and for the fields you want to create in each class.

In case of multiple fields, each one must have a comma (,) at the end of its name, except for the last one.


Create a new rules file

In the Project tool window, right-click the rules folder or any other element inside it. Select New > Rules File.

Write a name for the new rules file and select OK. The rules file opens up in the editor.

Tips & tricks

Load an xml taxonomy to the project

Copy your taxonomy from your local file.

Open the file and make sure that all sample rules referring to the predefined dom1 sample domain are commented or removed, since after changing the taxonomy with a new one the dom1 domain will be missing and rules referring to it would generate an error when compiling the project.

In the Project tool window, double-click taxonomy.xml and paste the new taxonomy replacing the previous sample.

Select Build or press F6 to build the project and check the new taxonomy in the Classes tool window, Taxonomy tab.