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Create a project


Create a project from scratch

In the Welcome to Studio screen select Create New Project.

Choose the Knowledge Graph and the related project language.

After choosing the Knowledge Graph, select Next. Specify the project name and project location and select Finish.

Tips & tricks

Browse the project sources

Explore the files that are available in the Project tool window.

Open the test folder to find the TEST.txt example file.

Open the rules folder to find the and files.

The file is a convenient place in which to put the configuration for templates, segments and sections.

In there are all the IMPORT statements for other rules files and examples of the structure of categorization and extraction rules.

Browse the project UI and tool windows

On the right, left and bottom side there are many useful tool windows that you can explore before and after an analysis such as Classes, Categorization, Extraction, Knowledge Graph, Knowledge Graph Search and Disambiguation Info.

Use the Knowledge Graph and the Knowledge Graph Search tool windows to look for the concepts you need.

Using the Toggle Float button allows you to open the Knowledge Graph tool window in a separate window that can be moved or adjusted as you prefer.

Tool windows layout is completely customizable.