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Syntactic analysis

In the context of deep linguistic analysis, syntactic analysis is the parsing process that detects the universal dependency relation between each token and the sentence root token or another token.

The process assigns a dependency relation label to each token.
For example, for this sentence:

The company has developed an entirely new category of products.

syntactic analysis determines the head token index and the dependency label as follows:

Token index Token text Head token index Universal dependency label
0 The 1 det
1 company 3 nsubj
2 has 3 aux
3 developed 3 root
4 an 7 det
5 entirely 7 advmod
6 new 7 amod
7 category 3 obj
8 of 9 case
9 product 7 nmod
10 . 3 punct

Syntactic analysis output is part of the JSON object returned by deep linguistic analysis.
Dependencies can be represented in various ways, such as a tree or arrow arcs.