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Category properties

Document classification returns categories drawn from the specified taxonomy.

These are the properties returned for each category:

Description Property name in the JSON object
Identification number or name id
Category description label
Hierarchical path of the category node in the taxonomic tree hierarchy

For example, an iptc taxonomy category may have these properties:

Property Value
id 20000470
label Medicine
hierarchy ["Health", "Health treatment", "Medicine"]

Categories' tree

The API provides self-documentation resources to discover the tree of categories for a given taxonomy-language couple.

iptc taxonomy

The properties of the iptc taxonomy categories are published on the Media Topics website.

geotax taxonomy

The categories of the geotax taxonomy represent countries.
The categories of all the versions of the geotax taxonomy have the same values for id. So, for example, 185. is the value for id of United States of America in every language version of the taxonomy.
The values of label, on the other hand, are expressed in the language of the taxonomy, so for example in the French version of the taxonomy:

United States of America


Etats-Unis d'Amérique

GeoJSON data

When requested with special parameters, the classification resources based on the geotax taxonomy can also return information on countries in GeoJSON format.