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Release notes

This page documents updates to the Natural Language API.

October 30, 2020

The release of v2 of the API introduces these new features:

  • New relation extraction capability: extracting relationships between verbs and other terms in a sentence to answer questions about the target and actors of actions and events.

  • New sentiment analysis capability: analyzing the overall sentiment of a document based on the sentiment and relevance of associated terms.

  • Named entities recognition now infers entity attributes (e.g. George Washington > President > United States of America)

  • Document classification: new geographic taxonomy that assigns countries and state to related entities

  • Revision of the self-documentation section of the API, both for contexts and taxonomies, new resources documenting taxonomy categories' trees

  • Keyphrase extraction now provides the lemmas for main concepts

Version 2 RESTful interface is documented in the OpenAPI documents.

Version 1 remains available for now but will be deprecated soon.