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Manage documents


Work on the TEST document

Open the Project tool window on the left and double-click the TEST.txt file in the test folder.

Select and delete the default text. Now you can write or alternatively copy&paste your free text.

Drag and drop documents to the project

Choose a text file from an external folder.

Drag and drop it on the test folder in the Project tool window.

Confirm your choice by selecting Refactor. The document will open automatically in the editor.

Analyze a text

Double click a document in the test folder to open it.

Move to the top-right of the GUI and select Analyze Document or press F5 to analyze the text.

Tips & tricks

Open the Knowledge Graph from the Semantic Analysis tool window

In the Semantic Analysis tool window, double-click the label of a selected token.

The Knowledge Graph will open directly on the syncon associated to that entity by the disambiguator.

From here it is possible to explore the information related to that syncon, its supernomen and subnomen and navigate along the semantic links available in the Knowledge Graph.

Explore all relevant data automatically prompted by technology

Move to the right side of the GUI and click on the Disambiguation Info tool window.

Click on the disclosure widget at the top-right of the Disambiguation Info tool window or simply expand it to show the hidden tabs:

- Standard Domains
- Relevant Information
- Entities
- Actions (SAO)

Have a look at the relevant information retrieved from the text such as main syncons, main lemmas or main sentences and explore the standard entities that were recognized by the disambiguator.