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Entity types

Here is the list of possible types that can be returned by named entity recognition, relation extraction and custom part-of-speech tagging.

Uppercase labels are used for named entities. If the label is lowercase, and this can be given in the attributes of named entities or in the elements related to the verb in a relation, it means it is a generic entity.

For example, in the text

Felipe is a florist.

florist can be labeled nph because a florist is a person, but not a specific one.
Felipe, on the other hand, is a specific person identified by a proper name, so he is labeled with NPH.

Label Description Example
ADR Street address Who lived at 221B Baker Street?
ANM Animal Felix is an anthropomorphic black cat.
BLD Building While in London I attended a concert at the Royal Albert Hall.
COM Company, business Tesla Inc. sold 10% of its Bitcoin holdings.
DAT Date Napoleon died on May 5, 1821.
DEV Device My new Galaxy smartphone has seven cameras.
DOC Document I appeal to the Geneva Convention!
EVN Event Eddy Merckx won the Tour de France five times..
FDD Food, beverage Frank likes to drink Guinness beer.
GEA Physical geographic feature I crossed the Mississipi river with my boat
GEO Administrative geographic area Alaska is the least densely populated state in the United States.
GEX Extended geography The astronauts have landed on Mars.
HOU Hours The eclipse reached its peak at 3pm.
LEN Legal entity Of course I pay the FICA tax.
MAI Email address For any questions do not hesitate to write to [email protected].
MEA Measure The chest is five feet wide and 40 inches tall.
MMD Mass media I read it in the Guardian.
MON Money I sold half of my stock and made six hundred thousand dollars.
NPH Person Hakeem Olajuwon dunked effortlessly.
NPR Unrecognized entity with a proper noun I like GYYYJJJ7 soooo much!
ORG Organization, institution, society Now they threaten to quit the United Nations if they are not heard.
PCT Percentage The richest 10% of adults in the world own 85% of global wealth.
PHO Phone number For poor database design, call (214) 748-3647.
PPH Physical phenomena The COVID-19 infection is slowing down.
PRD Product The Rolex Daytona is an wonderful watch.
VCL Vehicle A Ferrari 250 GTO was the most expensive car ever sold.
WEB Web address Find the best technical documentation at
WRK Work of human intelligence Grease is a funny musical romantic comedy.