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Rule Inspection

The Rule Inspection panel of the Console tool window allows checking rules and list files to find issues like inconsistencies, duplicates, similarities and missing references.

The search for issues is launched with a button on the toolbar, after which the left part of the panel shows the issues in a tree view, while the right part shows the description of the selected issue and contains buttons that allow the user to suppress the execution of that type of inspection in subsequent sessions and hide the issue during the current session.


Icon Name Description
Expand All Expand all the nodes of the tree
Collapse All Collapse all the nodes of the tree
Search: box Specify search criteria
Reset Reset the search criteria
Find next Search continue to the next match
Inspect Start inspection
Suppressed Inspections and Files Open the Studio Settings window, Code inspection section

Mouse commands

Double-clicking a detail row in the inspection report opens the file when the issue was found and highlights the issue in the file.

Status bar

The status bar displays the number of inspections performed.