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Use bookmarks

Use bookmarks to quickly focus on part of the code you are interested in.
For more information about bookmarks and source code navigation see the IntelliJ IDEA documentation.

Toggle bookmarks

Set and clear bookmarks in the editor.

To toggle a bookmark, select the line of code and press F11.

To set a bookmark you can also right-click the gutter and choose Set Bookmark.

To clear a bookmark, right-click the gutter and choose Clear Bookmark.

To add or edit bookmark description, right-click the bookmark and choose Edit Bookmark Description....

To create a bookmark identified by a letter or a digit, right-click the gutter and choose select Set Bookmark with Mnemonic.


You can use a letter or digit only once, so if you set a new bookmark with a mnemonic code you already used, the previous bookmark is removed.

Bookmarks window

To show the bookmarks list press Shift+F11. This list provides a preview panel showing the bookmarked line of code in its context. The window also has commands to manage existing bookmarks.

To jump to the bookmarked line of code, double-click the bookmark.

Favorites tool window

Bookmarks are also displayed in the Favorites tool window.

To expand and collapse the list of bookmarks:

  • Select the icon to the left of Bookmarks.


  • Double-click Bookmarks.

To jump to a bookmarked line of code:

  • Double-click the bookmark.


  • Right-click the bookmark and choose Jump to Source.


  • Select the bookmark and press F4.