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The analysis is performed in order to test the rules and find and solve any problems related to them.

The analysis submits the test files to the disambiguator, so it is possible to leverage the semantic analysis information to write and improve the rules.


The analysis determines whether the code has changed since the last run and in case performs a build. Check the console and event log for any possible compilation errors.


Maximum analyzed text size is 100 KB (102,400 chars).

To analyze the document in focus in the editing area

  • In the main toolbar, select the icon Analyze .


  • From the main menu, select Studio > Analyze.


  • Press F5.


  • Right-click anywhere in the text and choose Analyze Document

A notification is displayed in right bottom corner.

To analyze a selection of documents in the module or project

  1. Select a file or a set of files (CTRL+C is allowed) or a folder.
  2. Select Analyze Selection in the context menu.

To analyze all the documents in the module or project

  • In the main toolbar, select the icon Analyze all .


  • From the main menu, select Studio > Analyze all.


  • In the Project tool window, from context menu, select Analyze all.

In the dialog you can enter the Analysis label.

Select View Report in the notification at the right bottom corner, to display the analysis report in the Report tool window.

Tool windows and analysis

The tool windows affected by the analysis process are:

  • Categorization. Display the categorization rules results.
  • Extraction. Display the extraction rules results.
  • Classes. Display the annotations and the rules results.
  • Annotation. Display the annotation results.
  • Semantic Analysis. Display the semantic analysis results.
  • Sentence Hits. Display the sentence hits results.
  • Disambiguation Info. Display the disambiguation results.
  • Console. Display the messages during the analysis.
  • Event Log. Display the events during the analysis.
  • Tagger. Display the eventual tags after the analysis.
  • Segments. Display the eventual segments after the analysis.
  • Reports. Display the report after the analysis.
  • Statistics. Display the statistics after the analysis.