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Test workflow operator


The Test operator is used to debug a workflow. A Test block can be placed anywhere in the workflow and does not need to be linked to other blocks.

Its presence indicates that the workflow is in debug mode and the output of the entire workflow coincides with that of the test block.

The Test operator is a sort of debug operator and is used to view the node JSON's outputs for diagnostic purposes.


As mentioned above, in the presence of a Test block, the output of the workflow coincides with that of the block, no matter where the block is placed, as it doesn't even need to be connected to other blocks.

The output of the Test operator is the concatenation of the outputs of all the other blocks of the workflow.
It has this structure:

        first block id: first block output
        second block id: second block output
        third block id: third block output

For example:

If the workflow contains ML models, due to their hybrid nature, the output of the Test block will contain two distinct entries for each of them, one for the symbolic step and another for the ML step.

Block properties

A Test operator block has these properties:

  • The unique block ID (read only)
  • Block name