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History of all thesauri


To see the history of all the thesaurus projects and Knowledge sources, select Projects history in the main dashboard.

The Resources History tab will appear.

Resources History


On the left side, there are two panels:

Select an item from one of the panels to show its history or select All projects to show the history of all the thesaurus projects.

For each thesaurus below PROJECTS you can see the:

  • Thesaurus name
  • Sharing icon meaning the project is shared with others


    Select it to view the project members.

  • Last edit author and time

  • Number of resources
  • Project languages


For each selected project you have a table view of the operations performed throughout the project itself with details about each operation.

  • Select the Date column to sort the operations according to the date.
  • Select the expanding and collapsing arrows beside the operation author for further details about the operation.


    Details vary according to the operation.

  • Select the ellipsis at the end of each row, then select:

    • Open project to open the project.
    • Copy label labelName to copy the selected label to the clipboard.

Above the table there are drop-down menus allowing you to filter the operation history. Choose from:

  • Filters to filter the table according to the operation performed.
  • Date to filter according to the date. If you select Time frame you can then select a range of days using the calendar below.
  • Author to filter based on the author of the operation.
    Type a part of the name in the search box and press Enter to filter the list. Select the X button to reset the search.

Use the search bar in the upper left corner of the Resources history panel to look for specific operations.