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Find concepts in documents

Browse library

To browse the current library using a concept as a filter, select Browse library in the Edit Concept panel of the Resources tab.
Library documents will be shown in the Documents tab.

The concept is searched for using the semantic extraction method.


Search results are affected by experiments: if you add concepts to the thesaurus or documents to the library, you need to run an experiment to let Platform learn about the presence of the concept in documents.
So, if you don't find a concept you believe is present in the library's documents, try again after an experiment.

Documents preview

As an alternative to opening the library in the Documents panel, you can see concept occurrences inside library documents using the documents preview.
To turn documents preview on and off, use the Documents preview toggle switch on the toolbar of the Edit Concept panel.
Matching documents are shown in the Documents Preview panel, on the right of the Edit Concept panel.


As for the document browsing, the concept is searched for using the semantic extraction method. and results regarding new concepts and documents are affected by experiments.


The Document validated icon indicates document validation status.

Search multiple concepts extractions

To search multiple concepts extractions:

  1. Select the concepts using CTRL+CLICK in the Resources panel of the Resources tab.
  2. Select ; the search criteria is displayed in the search bar and the resulting documents are filtered and displayed in the Documents tab.


    It is possible to change search criteria directly in the search bar as described in Search.