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1. Setup the client tools

The API's REST interface can be used from a variety of programs and ready-to-use tools.
For example, you can use utilities like curl or Postman or a specific SDK.

Get curl

If you prefer to make your first call from the command line, use curl. If you use Linux there's a chance that it is already installed on your computer, otherwise download it from the curl site.

Get Postman

If you like Postman, you can make your first call with a predefined collection you can also use to try all the API's capabilities.

  1. Download the installer from the Postman site and install the program following the instructions.
  2. Download the sample collection.
  3. Run Postman and import the sample collection.

Use an SDK

If you prefer to make your first call using an SDK, sign in the developer portal and get one.


The next step

You are now ready to get the authorization token.