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API output

In case of success the APIs return response containing an UTF-8 encoded JSON object.

All the document analysis, document classification and information extraction operations share this response format:

    "success": true,
    "data": {
        "content": analyzed text,
        "language": language code,
        "version": technology version info,
        resource-specific output

Self-documention API have their peculiar output format.

The Boolean property success indicates that processing was successful while the data object contains the results.

The data object has a similar structure for all the resources:

  • content is the analyzed text.
  • language is the ISO 639-1 language code.
  • version gives information about the technology for reporting purposes.

After these properties the api-specific output follows.
For more information about the output of specific analysis, classification and extraction, refer to the following:

Managed errors

In case of a managed error, all the API return a specific response.

Other errors

In case of unmanaged application errors or other anomalies, the API returns specific HTTP status codes.