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Entity types

Here is the list of possible types that can be returned by named entity recognition and relation extraction.

Uppercase labels are used for named entities. If the label is lowercase, and this can be given in the attributes of named entities or in the elements related to the verb in a relation, it means it is a generic entity.

For example, in the text

Felipe is a florist.

florist can be labeled nph because a florist is a person, but not a specific one.
Felipe, on the other hand, is a specific person identified by a proper name, so he is labeled with NPH.

Label Description
ADR Street address
ANM Animal
BLD Building
COM Company, business
DAT Date
DEV Device
DOC Document
EVN Event
FDD Food, beverage
GEA Physical geographic feature
GEO Administrative geographic area
GEX Extended geography
HOU Hours
LEN Legal entity
MAI Email address
MEA Measure
MMD Mass media
MON Money
NPH Person
NPR Unrecognized entity with a proper noun
ORG Organization, institution, society
PCT Percentage
PHO Phone number
PPH Physical phenomena
PRD Product
VCL Vehicle
WEB Web address
WRK Work of human intelligence